Specifying colours


Do you think it is impossible to determine the colour of your kittens before they are born? Maybe in the distant past when Mendel and his research was unknown to the world. Mendel formulated the laws of heredity that are, in general, valid. He arranged the possible combinations in patterns and clear tables, from which we are able to exactly determine what descendants will be born to the parents selected by us.

If we want to start with targeted breeding, having a cat is not enough. We need to know its relatives and especially what gifts they are bearing. By targeted reproduction of individuals from their own bloodline we can improve the standard and quality of animals by the mutual crossbreeding of relatives and non relatives.

Testing and healthy breeding


For successful breeding, we choose only healthy animals of a high quality and with a good character. Our most important rule is that we only accept tested individuals to our breeding programme. This ensures minimum risk of introducing adverse, hidden genetic defects to our breeding line.