Litter A

*  16.11.2007

litter of Burmese kittens



Alia Atreides Petite Pelote (CZ) ČSCH LO 1/8/BUR
BUR c - lilac

Anais Anais Petite Pelote (CZ) ČSCH LO 2/8/BUR
BUR f - tortie of brown

Azize Petite Pelote (CZ) ČSCH LO 3/8/BUR
BUR n - brown

This litter of beautiful and strong kittens was born on the eve of the national holiday. We were looking forward to the birth of these kittens impatiently. Estella managed the delivery without difficulty and she has taken care of her babies from the very first moment. She is also gifted in bringing up her already mature children. She has always managed to make them obedient by using her effective tricks. The considerable merits of these gorgeous kittens come from their father, Bjelke´s Norman JW. Norman is really a pretty boy of lilac color coming from the quality Danish lines. He was imported to the Czech Republic by the breeding station Charlesbur. The whole litter was sold as pet kittens.

Estella Petite Patte IC DK* Bjelke´s Norman JW