* 15.IV.2017

burmese brown tortie - BUR f(CZ) ČSCH LO ../17/BUR



We have been striving for a very long time for a little girl from Hungary, for almost four years. We wanted for our cattery this playful Hungarian blood, which hides an incredibly good expression of their cats. Finally, we waited in the summer of 2017 and we brought from Hungary a little girl, which has a fantastic pedigree. Little Angelica own very cheerful and gentle nature.
We are very happy to have a little Angelica. We called her with love "Angee" at home.

Her first show in Carlsbad ... Ex1, Best in Show Show ... was a great result for us because the small team got the qualification for participating in WS 2017 in the Netherlands. At this World Cat Show, our little Angee made it to the final, but there Burmese gorgeous chocolate girl called Jezabell, by Mrs Anne-Grethe Skou from Denmark, she beat our sweet little girl.
The subsequent photos come from the cattery HU' Alba Regia.
Judit and Láca, thank you for your trust.

Testing and health


Genetic tests N/N for GM2, hypocalemy, HD
Tests made laboratories in Davis, California, USA