IC Belle Babettée de Petite Pelote JW

* 25.11.2013

burmese black - BUR n(CZ) ČSCH LO 11/14/BUR



Babettée is a beautiful lady which we wanted to leave at home since her birth. We hope for breeding and show success of our little Babettée. We presented our Babettée in the World Show ' 2014, which was in the capital of Czech Republic. Baboux had a very successful debut. She EX1 and had great deal of attention judges, breeders and spectators.

Babettée has beautiful coat of a warm brown colour. Her eyes are of golden-amber colour and has perfect shape. She has a wonderful profile, which is crowned with a perfect chin and her face looks very nice. Babettée is a lady with a very good character.

We have the star at home ...
Our Belle Babettée de Petite Pelote is the cover girl. We were approached by feed manufacturers who wanted to taking pictures of our Beautiful Babettée (translation of his name)

Testing and health


Genetic tests N/N for Hypocalemy, HD, GM2
Tests made laboratories in Davis, California, USA