Estella Petite Patte

* 19.6.2006

+ 18.2.2017

burmese black tortie - BUR f(CZ) ČSCH LO 18/6/BUR



Little Estella is a very gentle and empathetic pussycat. She looks at us with her deep, wise eyes, in which she has a special charm. That is why she is able to lift the mood immediately. Although she is not the youngest and she relaxes most of the day, from time to time she makes an exception and turns into a small kitten that plays or hunts things that are often invisible. All of a sudden she jumps at any moving objects or she is just running there and back in the flat with her bristling tail. She likes to talk very much. She is a typical Burmese cat. She tells us about everything that happened to her during the day or what she was dreaming about. If she does not like anything, she tells it to us – from the lungs. She can also tell us skilfully when she does not want to be cuddled– right now. When she is not in the mood for talking or cuddling, our mere presence is enough for her. She is able to be silent company for long hours, for instance when we work on computer, read or watch a movie

Our little Estella gave us beautiful and healthy kittens. Even when we received a new kitten – a silver Burmilla tomcat – from our daughter - she took care of him. After four days of shy care and much hissing, she adopted him. Her motherly instincts were so strong that she started to breastfeed him. What was remarkable is that he was an already weaned, three-month-old tomcat and his new ‘mother’ neutered. She was and is simply our golden girl. Estella hated cat show, therefore we did not show her.
Her departure is still very painful for us.

Testing and health


Negative tests for GM2, hypokalaemia, FIV, FeLV and haemobartonella.

All tests were carried out by laboratories in Germany, USA and GB.