Kathleen Charlesbur

* 12.10.2006

burmese chocolate - BUR b(CZ) ČSCH LO 3/7/BUR



Kathleen is a very nice and smart Burmese cat. Her coat is of amazing milk-chocolate colour with typical Burmese dilution. She has nice eyes, both due to their shape and stable gold colour.

We nicknamed Kathleen ‘Tender’ because she was a very tender and affectionate kitten. This cat is a great personality and nothing puts her out easily. She is very frisky and tough little girl. In the thick of the game and cuddling, she sometimes forgets and uses her claws and teeth. However, she is heavily dependent on our daughter Jana, who spoiled her very much. Tender wanted to be an only “child” more and more, therefore our daughter took her into her new household. There she lives together with a female ridgeback Esmé. Esmé loves her little cat friend very much. She shows her great dog love by permanent licking. However, Tender is not able to accept the moisture and odour of Esme´s saliva. Therefore she often escapes to her cat-cave or she hits Esme´s muzzle directly with her paw. Tender has won control over her new household without difficulty, which is typical to her. Now she is happy again as she is the ‘top cat’ and has all the attention. Kathleen is neuter and we do not show her at present.

Testing and health


Negative tests for GM2, hypokalaemia, FIV, FeLV and haemobartonella.

All samples were processed and tests carried out in laboratories in the USA and Great Britain.