Natalia Magic Valley

* 7.V.2017

burmese chocolate - BUR b(CZ) ČSCH LO ../17/BUR


For a very long time, we wanted to have a kitten of Mrs. Lukashova from Russia. Mrs. Lukashova gave us a beautiful chocolate girl with a great pedigree.   We could choose a name for our future queen. Without thinking, we christened our little girl by the name of her "mom" ... "Natalija". She has incredible self-esteem and courage - already now. We hope for her good integration into our cat group and breeding program.

Her first show in Ostrava ... Ex1 on the Saturday´s and Sunday´s show
We are very happy for our little "Natili" how glad we call her at home.
Natalija, thank you very much for this treasure and your trust.

The testing and the health


Genetic tests N/N for GM2, hypocalemy, HD
Tests made laboratories in Davis, California, USA