Oktarin Patriot

* 6.9.2014

burmese black - BUR n(UA) UFU LO 10722



This tomcat is inaccessible to other breeders

We went to see a small Patriota to polish Warsaw, where Mrs. Vlada Sanchenko brought him from the Ukraine. We have been very curious about the little Pat, because he has in the pedigree through his mother two world champions. Patriot is a handsome boy. This tomcat is our great hope for breeding.

Pat has a beautiful, soft coat, light brown in color with satin reflections. His slightly extreme profile - chin, nose, and stop - is crowned by domed forehead. He has a great set ears and best Burmese resentful expression, which we have seen so far. It's a very jolly guy who loves games, cuddling and raw meat.
Vlada, thank you for your next boy and we greatly appreciate your trust.

Testing and health


Genetic tests N/N for Hypocalemy, HD, GM2
Tests made laboratories in Davis, California, USA