SP Quetzalcoatl Chupacabra

* 19.5.2009

burmilla silver red shaded - BML ds 11(CZ) ČSCH RX 34/9/BML



This tomcat comes from a nice litter of Mr. José Ariás Panamá. He is a beautiful and well-behaved cat that can be proud of his fantastic colour and quality of his fur. Little Chupacabra is almost perfect in his breed. He has a super shape and colour of his eyes, a model stop and nose length and a sweet facial expression for which he is so successful at shows. The leading European judge Eric Reijers calls him “familiarly” Caruso as he sometimes sings loudly when being judged. Our reward is a number of beautiful cups that he has won in his occasional appearances in shows. Quetzal´s parents are currently living at the breeding station Momoiro belonging to Mrs. Alena Opatrná. Billy, as we call Quetzal at home, is a great mollycoddler, who is absolutely addicted to food, our presence and stroking. Nobody was able to pronounce or say ’Quetzalcoatl’ or ‘Chupacabra’, so we started to call him by the colour of his kitten fur. As he was an adorable and completely white baby kitten, we called him Bílý (i.e. white in Czech). That is how his nickname was created – derived from his colour ... white in Czech "bílý" ... so he is Billy...

The tomcat is also an attentive and devoted nanny at home. He takes care of kittens that he washes and looks after. He is able to jump out from the deepest sleep to see why a kitten is meowing or is restless. He is also meticulous about hygiene. Sometimes, he washes other cat-mates so intensively that they look like sick hens after this purifying procedure. He also loves cleaning other cats´ ears. He becomes engaged in this process so much that we have to intervene so that the cared ones do not lose their hearing. Sometimes there is squelching and sloshing in the cleared ear. Billy has already gained the title of Grand International Premior. Only two last CAPS titles remain for him to reach the top of his career and become Supreme Premior. We are not planning the next shows before 2013. We received our beloved Chupacabra from our daughter as a gift for our silver wedding anniversary. We love little Billy very much and he is our little treasure. Thank you, Jana.

Testing and health


Negative tests for GM2, hypokalaemia, FIV, FeLV, PKD1 and haemobartonella.

All samples were processed and tests carried out in laboratories in the USA and GB.