GIC Uppsala Charlesbur JW

* 10.2.2012

burmese black - BUR n(CZ) ČSCH LO 24/12/BUR

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So far, Uppsala has been a little cuddly girl, who comes from the breeding station Charlesbur´CZ belonging to Mrs. Romana Matoušová. This beautiful cat lady came to us after a unique offer made by Mrs. Romana. Such an offer is very rare and comes only once in a lifetime. We did not hesitate at all and took this frisky kitten home before Mrs. Romana changes her mind. This little lady cat is named after the Swedish city Uppsala. It is a nice and interesting name, however, we found it a little impersonal. That is why we divided the name in two parts – Upp-sala and started to call our cat princess Sally or Salinka. Sally attended her first show already as a kitten at the ages of 6-10 months. We have been very lucky so far that Sally has always succeeded against really tough competition.

Uppsala has beautiful fur of a warm brown colour. Her eyes are of golden-amber colour and of perfect shape. She has a wonderful stop and nose length that is free of unwanted bumps. Her profile is surmounted with a nice, strong chin and her face looks very appealing, although she is able to change it in a second to typical Burmese resentment. Romana, thank you for your trust.
In autumn 2016, we were forced to put our princess neutered for health reasons. Sally manifests her satisfaction by constantly caressing.

Testing and health


Negative tests for GM2, HK, PKD1, HD, FIP, FIV, FeLV a haemobartonella.

All samples were processed and tests carried out in laboratories in Germany, USA and GB.