This page serves as an archive of important moments or events that happened. Some of them are very important to us, others less so, but all of them are part of our life with cats. We have become absolutely cat addicted. Our life with them is calmer, sometimes funny and sometimes unnerving. They are gorgeous beings with a strong character and fantastic empathy to human moods.



December - Frou Frou de Petite Pelote'CZ - Junior Winner

Frou Frou won the title JUNIOR WINNER five winning BEST IN SHOW. He impressed the judges of his qualities. At international exhibitions in Ostrava, Karlovy Vary, Brno and Olomouc reached also for BEST IN CATEGORY and BEST OF BEST. Now we are very happy that we have heard our hearts and he stayed in our home. We love him and we are very proud of him.

October - our cattery on the WORLD CAT SHOW in Rijswijk

We prepared very carefully for this event. We met many friends from all over Europe and we also became acquainted with those who, who arrived, for example, from far Australia. Burmese cats once again set the tone of the show, as was seen in Sunday's final.

The Location of Representatives of our Cattery:
Alba Regia Angelica was nominated for the BEST IN SHOW final.
Fée Belle de Petite Pelote won the title BEST IN VARIETY, which means best in breed and color. Her personal participation in the final escaped her really just a hair.
Frou Frou de Petite Pelote won EX1, the first in breed, color and age.
Natalija Magic Valley she got EX2, she was second best in breed, color and age. She could not beat the world champion Jezabell.

September - expansion team Petite Pelote

We bought new players to our team of Cat ...
We hope that both of these reinforcements will raise the quality of our breeding . Their exhibition value and character will test participation in several exhibitions. If they do, they will be able to become members of our "show team", which is so popular with the public and especially with exhibitors.
HU´Alba Regia Angelica, we gained this girl because of our persistence and only after long years of tough negotiations and endless waiting... but our cute Angee is our cheerful cherubs.
Judit and Láca, thank you for your confidence. We will guard your treasure as an eye in your head.
RU´Natalija Magic Valley, is very fond of cuddling. Her strong body structure is complemented by a clearly legible character of the "Amazon". Natili is hugely self-confident young lady without fear. She must still be the center of attention.
Her original parents, Natalija and Igor are fantastic people, who allowed us to take responsibility for this very promising future queen.
Our huge SPASIBO.

June - Fée Belle de Petite Pelote'CZ - Junior Winner

Our beautiful blue girl Fée Belle, at home called Feebee, won 5 times in a row Best in Show and all this in just one month.
  She won at these international shows: 2 times Cat Show in Slovak Bratislava, 2 times Cat Show in Polish Gliwice and Interfelis Cat Show in Brno in the Czech Republic. She almost always won all the votes. Our Fée Belle de Petite Pelote is really amazing and so she is now Junior Winner. Feebee is very promissing girl.

February - Estella's departure to heaven

Estelka, called home Cicmund was our first cat that had stolen our hearts. She was our very well delicate, empathetic and a good companion. She left us after a vain struggle with the insidious disease. All our attempts to return to a good quality of life were in vain. Her departure for us is still very painful.

February - birth of kittens - litter "F"

We have long sought to link our Belle Babettée with Oktarin Patriot. Babettee gave birth at the beginning of February, a beautiful and well-balanced litter of five kittens. Four boys and one girl. Happy day.



December - new home for Sally

  • Uppsala Charlesbur

  • Christmas time was a bit painful for us, because our Sally walked away into a new, loving home. Her new family lives in Mikulov near our Bourbon Anjou. Yes, it is kinswoman family, so we are delighted that Sally and her new owner will be happy together and that they will do each other good company.
    Happy day for all, we wish good luck

    July - the birth of litter "E"

    Before the evening on the 2nd July beautiful kittens were born to us.
    All participants were in order. Happy day.

    April - SC Oktarin Leo Bianco

    Supreme Champion - our beloved Oki finished the TOP degree of the show in the German town, called Weiden. We will continue to expose him, because Oki loves the hustle show. He enjoys all shows very satisfied. Oki has become a darling of the judges and audiences.



    October - the birth of litter "D"

    One moment after lunch on the 4th October born beautiful and healthy kittens. Their blue colour was the big surprise for us - our first blue kittens.

    April - the birth of litter "C"

    Before the evening of April 17, two beautiful girls were born to us. All participants were in order. Happy day.

    January - UA´Oktarin Patriot

    After the offer from Mrs. Vlady Sanchenko, we totally unexpectedly went to Warsaw. We went to look at the little Oktarin Patriot, whom Mrs. Sanchenko brought to show us. When we saw a small, sprightly boy, we were immediately accepted the little Oktarin into the family. Little Pat charmed us, by his nature and his expression is also unique. We insert great hopes in this boy, who can provide new opportunities for our breed. We also hope in many success of Patriot on the shows.
    Many greetings and thanks to Ukraine.

    January - IC Belle Babettée de Petite Pelote´CZ JW

    In Warsaw, Poland our great Baboux completed her title Inter Champion.



    August - Blanchettée de Petite Pelote'CZ - Junior Winner

    Blanchettée, the second litter "B" also received his lifelong title Junior Winner. During the spring and summer, she managed to win on five international shows in the Czech Republic. Blanička is very promissing girl.

    July - Belle Babettée de Petite Pelote'CZ - Junior Winner

    As the first kitten of litter "B" acquired our Baboux lifelong awards "Junior Winner". During the spring and early summer she managed to win at shows in Poland and the Czech Republic. Babetka is great in all respects.



    November - the birth of litter "B"

    After lunch on the 25th November born beautiful, healthy kittens. There were more than we expected. We are very proud of them and their mom.

    September - UA´Oktarin Leo Bianco

    We went to Warsaw in autumn show for little Leo. We waited a long time for our cat boy. We hope that this strong boy fulfill our expectations and indeed he will the reinforcement our breeding. Lion´s pedigree is very interesting. He carries lines from Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine and many other.

    We gained from significant cattery our first own tomcat for mating. We longed for a strong and especially great tomcat. Mrs. Vlada Sanchenko fulfilled our dream. Leo, at home called Oki, makes us great joy for his character. He is a big darling. Leo is behaving professionally on shows. Thank you Vlada.

    June - GIC Uppsala Charlesbur'CZ JW

    Uppsala complete title Grand International Champion in Slovak Vinicne. We are now planning a longer show break and maternity leave for Sally.

    May - SP Quetzacoatl Chupacabra'CZ

    Billy placed second place in the national competition "Burmilla of The year 2012" which was proclaimed by Burmilla Club. More points gained only hopeful cat-boy of spouses Krmela. Billy won a nice a diploma, a giant cup, a toy and a bag his beloved feed.

    February - SP Quetzalcoatl Chupacabra´CZ



    December - Uppsala Charlesbur'CZ - Junior Winner

    At the end of October, and on the recommendation of friends, we decided to try our luck and like to get to Uppsala JW title. We absolutely did not hope, because we were convinced that this is at the last moment. In fact it was too late, time played against us. For winning the title remained to only six weeks. Little Sally passed six shows in a row. Uppsala really won the title JW, exactly as predicted our good friends. Sally appealed to all the judges. The most charmed the judges from Italy and the Scandinavian countries.

    July - Uppsala Charlesbur´CZ

    We went for this nice sweet girl to the centre of Bohemia, to Chotouň, where the breed of Mrs. Matoušová has been moved. This cat lady has become ours after an unexpected offer by Mrs. Romana that we could not resist. Similar offers are very rare and come only once in a lifetime. We did not think twice and immediately took little Uppsala to our place. Here we call her Sallinka. Romana, thank you for your trust...



    August - Quetzalcoatl Chupacabra´CZ

    He was declared “WWW neuter 2011" - Web World Winner of a Photo Competition for Burmillas on the Internet. Quetzalcoatl managed to captivate the jury and won in the international show held by renowned Dutch breeders and judges of FIFE.

    June - ZO SCHK ČSCH Star Cats

    We shared the need to found a new organisation of cat breeders with a group of good friends, great people and experienced breeders. As time has proved, we did the right thing. We have become a part of FIFE.

    February - Quetzalcoatl Chupacabra´CZ

    At the national show held by the Burmilla Club, he came first and received the title “Burmilla 2010” in the category of neuters, with maximum points collected at the show in the previous year.



    September – admission to the Czech Burmilla Club

    August - Quetzalcoatl Chupacabra´CZ

    This tomcat was an unexpected surprise – a gift – for us from our daughter for our silver wedding anniversary. He was hidden in a huge IKEA box. When our daughter was giving it to us, we gave her a slight rebuke that we have no place for THE CHINA in our flat. We thought she was giving us another design piece. What a surprise it was for us when, from the depth of the box, a silver kitten with popping eyes poked its head out at us. Thank you, Jana...



    August – our breeding station entered into the Stud books of SCHK ČSCH

    June – admission to the Czech Association of Cat Breeders

    February - Kathleen Charlesbur´CZ

    We could not wait little Kathleen. We went for her to the breeding station Charlesbur of Mrs. Matoušová. At home, we call her Tender – no other name was possible due to her expression..



    September - Estelle Petite Patté´CZ

    We drove little Estelle home from Mrs. Dáša Křičková from Jaroměř. Estelle was a significantly lively kitten. She did not sit for a second and she had to be an assistant everywhere, which has lasted ever since. She is our honey.