Burmese cats


Burmese cats are named after the country of their origin and they belong to the oldest breeds of the far-east Asia. They still live wild in the territory of Burma and Thailand. They are a symbol of luck for the locals. The first Burmese cats were imported to the USA in the beginning of the 20th century and they started to appear in Europe after the Second World War. They are very rare as they do not give birth to many kittens. The original colour of this breed was black. Thanks to targeted breeding, two other colour varieties occurred. At present, ten varieties are recognised.

They are very smart, frisky and active cats with a curious character. They love companionship, visitors, children, animals and also domestic uproar that scares other cats. They simply like it when something is happening around them. They accompany their owners in any situation. For example, while working on the computer, dish washing, assembling furniture and also relaxing. These cats do not meow. Rather, they are talented in humming, cooing, hissing and crying. They just talk so you can have a short interview with them, although your cat will have the first and the last world.
The last standard for this breed was issued by FIFE in 2006.