Burmillas are a new, modern breed, whose evolution is accurately documented. Nothing has happened accidentally since the very first moment and the breeders cooperated with renowned geneticists. The first parent couple of this breed was a lilac Burmese cat named Bambino Lilac Faberge and a Persian tomcat of the chinchilla breed called Jemari Sanquist. Their descendents were small silver goggle-eyed kittens that were appealing. Therefore, the top crossing of this new breed continued. The name of this new breed is composed of the names of the original breeds - BURMese x chinchILLA = BURMILLA.
Burmillas were first introduced to the Czech Republic at the World show in 2000. The first breeding pair was imported to the Czech Republic from Denmark the next year. After some time, they were followed by an imported creamy tomcat from Spain and a blue pussycat from the Netherlands. That is how some breeding lines were established, from individuals that were not close relatives.
The Czech breeding efforts were awarded at the World Cat Show in Poznan in 2011, where Zeta Jones Dee, coming from Mrs. Venclíková´s breed, became the world winner. Czech Burmillas are highly appreciated in the world due to their top quality. These cats have silver or golden fur with many varieties of colour tones or with a veil. They can also have so called Burmese dilution after their ancestors.

They are extremely frisky, cuddly and social cats. They are kind natured and they are very patient with children. Burmillas are conflict-free and therefore they are suitable as companions to cats such as the Bengal, Sphinx, Savanah or Korat. Their fur is soft and fluffy and seductive to the touch. They have the most beautiful eyes of all cats. Their eyes are big, dominant, in the colour of green emeralds, nestled in a black frame that makes an impression of a made-up oriental dancer. Burmillas have become a very popular breed. They are psychologically balanced, calm and, most importantly, easy-to-breed. They have a super attractive look for which many celebrities own them. The famous F1 driver Ralf Schumacher also has one.

Click and watch typical Burmilla character. The show was taken in the breeding station FISKARDO, belonging to Mrs. Lucie Linkeová from Prague.