Organisations and clubs



The supreme body of cat breeders is FIFé (Federation Internationale Féline). Its website contains all you need to know about cat breeding, shows, judges, other clubs, breeding stations and their names, rules and regulations, the main breeds, their blood-lines, pedigrees etc.



The Czech Association of Breeders (ČSCH) is a supreme body to the Czech Association of Cat breeders that associates cat pet breeders. Both of these associations fall under FIFé.

Purebred Burmese Cats Alliance


We have entered into an alliance breeders who breed Burmese cats only on healthy lines and in full recognized colours, without silver. Birgit Dietzel manages the web of the alliance and its members are breeders living around the world. Their communication is done with the help of social networks.

Czech club breeders of Burmese cats


This club was founded on the interest in this rare breed of cats. It associates the breeders who exchange their knowledge, experience and information about new genetic tests etc.

Friendly Cat Club


This club of cat lovers and breeders is our parent organisation. It was founded on 2013, 14th April. We are trying to do things better by a modern way.

Burmilla club


We have been Burmilla Club members since September 2009. The club itself was founded in summer of the same year and it associates breeders of the Burmilla breed. The founding member is Lena Venclíková, who was the first person to import these cats to the Czech Republic and founded their breed. She has raised awareness and managed to get enthusiasts for “Czech Burmillas” that are highly prized in the world nowadays. Their top crossing has been drawn up to almost absolute perfection in Bohemia. Czech Burmilla "Zeta Jones Dee" won the world cat show in Poznan, Poland, in 2011.