June to December, 2017


Fée Belle de Petite Pelote

June, 2017

Our beautiful blue girl won 5 times in a row Best in Show and all this in just one month.
She won at these international shows: 2 times Cat Show in Slovak Bratislava, 2 times Cat Show in Polish Gliwice and Interfelis Cat Show in Brno in the Czech Republic. She almost always won all the votes. Our Fée Belle de Petite Pelote is really amazing.

Frou Frou de Petite Pelote

December, 2017

Frou Frou won the title JUNIOR WINNER five winning BEST IN SHOW. He impressed the judges of his qualities. At international exhibitions in Ostrava, Karlovy Vary, Brno and Olomouc reached also for BEST IN CATEGORY and BEST OF BEST. Now we are very happy that we have heard our hearts and he stayed in our home. We love him and we are very proud of him.


Rijswijk World Cat Show 2017

October, 2017


We prepared very carefully for this event. We met many friends from all over Europe and we also became acquainted with those who, who arrived, for example, from far Australia. Burmese cats once again set the tone of the show, as was seen in Sunday's final.
Our beloved Angelica, called Angee, she was nominated to the finals BEST IN SHOW. Fée Belle won the title BEST IN VARIETY quite rightly ... she really deserved it, because she is perfect. The nominations to the finals for her escaped, but really just a hair.

We are convinced that this was the wrong decision of the judge, but the decision was on him ... but we still think we have achieved great overall success. We got three times Ex1, one Ex2, one BEST IN VARIETY and one NOMINATION to BEST IN SHOW. Our cattery progressed a little bit more into the subconscious of other breeders, judges and visitors.
Beautiful and demanding weekend full of emotions and wonderful encounters.

Vienna World Cat Show 2016

October, 2016


We was very excited to WS Vienna. Oktarin Leo Bianco was deployed as a representant of our cattery. He is a seasoned exhibition matador and behaved exactly as prescribed. Oki beautifully presented himself, he showed his muscles and professional behavior ... Mrs. Judge from Sweden gave the title to him with pleasure. We did not make it to the finals, the competition was really huge. We met many, many friends from all around Europe. Thanks to the organizers, the show was very beautiful, peaceful and pleasant.

Czech Republic obtained in very end, also its and only one World Winner, who became the little blue boy ... Dream of the Soul Flash Arian JW of Mr. Kucera
Mad joy and a huge congratulations. We're very proud of our guys.

Prague World Cat Show 2014

October, 2014


We participated this important event with two representatives of our cattery. Young cat Belle Babettée de Petite Pelote, which is our rearing and she started her adult show career just at this World Show. The second contestant, our cattery, was Oktarin Leo Bianco, a very young tomcat, which we got from Kiev, from our dear friend, Mrs. Sanchenko. Both received awards Ex1 and degrees in Their show classes. Our little "representatives" were excellent and professional. We are immensely proud of them.
We experienced very nice moments with friends from around the world.
Czech Republic, ČSCH and SCHK, as organizers of FIFé World Cat Show, great stage-managed this enormous action and fulfilled everything in the above-average quality. Anyone who participated this show had to be satisfied. Competitions run smoothly. Many sellers have been here and offered high quality and trendy accessories for cats. If someone wanted photo its pet, several top European photographers, offered their services here. We are proud that we were able to participate in the preparation and execution of this beautiful event.


April to August, 2014


Belle Babettée de Petite Pelote

International Cat Show in Polish Gliwice:
Babetka won the Saturday competition BIV and was nominated for the finals. The final was very exciting, because the jury was 3 3 for a beautiful Russian babe and our Babettée. The judge was chosen by lot. The voice of this judge decided for the victory of our Babettée. We were so tension, nervous and ultimately very happy.
Midsummer dream show, Prague:
SATURDAY ... BOB1 shared with the cat of lady Barbro Helmer from Sweden.
SUNDAY ... BOB1 for our Babettée and cat of Mr. Ferrari-Aggaradi Orsola from Italy.
During this weekend Babettée also won her two other BIV.
International Cat Show in Polish Lódž:
Our little girl won two BIS.
Special competition was organized for color points across all breeds on Saturday. Babetka won this special show over all hairy, shaggy and bare kittens. She was also honored as the best in color of breed and got her other two BIV.

Blanchettée de Petite Pelote

International Cat Show, Hradec Králové:
Blanchettée was nominated to Sunday's final and unanimously won her first BIS.
International Cat Show in Most:
Just as in Hradec, our sweet little girl was nominated to Sunday's final show. Blanchettée took home her second BIS.
International Cat Show, Ostrava:
During the weekend of August we were personally witnessed two final competitions. Blanchettée again proved her quality and won two other awards BIS.
International Cat Show, Karlovy Vary:
We are very happy as this was a really difficult show, that took place at the end of the summer holidays. Our Blanchettée be fought there with a lot of really quality kittens. She managed to push through and finally to won her fifth award BIS ... From this moment she can also boast the title of Junior Winner, as well as her sister. We firmly believe in another show success this beauty.

The obtaining two titles JUNIOR WINNER for two kittens from the same litter - it is great cause for joy and huge success for our cattery. In the shows we are met quality and beautiful kittens from across Europe. We are on our Blanchettée and Belle Babettée very proud.
At the show we go for friends, well-being, stressing and for unexpected surprises. We want to thank all who cheered during competitions. Many thanks friends for their support. We also want to thank all the stewards who helped our girls to their phenomenal success.

Uppsala Charlesbur
Junior Winner

November and December, 2012


Winning series of small Uppsala, which won five international weekend shows in a row, was completed on Sunday, December 2, 2012. She has participated in international exhibitions in the Prague Congress Centre at Vysehrad, Lysa nad Labem and Olomouc. There was very strong competition in the category III. Many nice and good quality animals stood against our princess at all shows.

She was really thoroughly judged by Ms Darina Tarabini and Mrs. Lena Venclíková from the Czech Republic, Mr. Ireneusz Pruchniakem from Poland, Mr. Steven Jones from Norway, Ms. Jaana Jyrkinen from Finland and Mr. Fabio Brambilla from Italy.

Uppsala was able to obtain favour of more BIS judges and their voices thereby confirmed her quality. After fulfillment of conditions, the five winning BIS in kittens’ category, now she can use lifelong Junior Winner title. This unexpected success was an unbelievable experience for us.

Zagreb World Cat Show 2012

October, 2012


After a year´s break, we attended this annual top event for all cat breeders. This time we introduced to the world our little Uppsala Charlesbur who gained great admiration. She was judged by Charles Spijker from the Netherlands, who gave her Ex1. We did not continue to the finals, and the competition in our category was very strong. There were twelve other kittens of the same age standing against her. We even had the opportunity to meet Uppsala´s great grandmother from Sweden. Both girls looked incredibly similar and finally they exchanged a few pleasantries - probably in Swedish... The competition itself was nice, although we were a little disappointed that this show was not attended by producers and dealers of pet supplies. Each year they bring hot news from the biggest European trade fair of pet supplies held every spring in Munich.

St. Etienne World Cat Show 2010

October, 2010


For the first time ever we went to this gigantic show, where the most beautiful cats from all over the world meet. We went there to introduce our silver good-looker Quetzalcoatl Chupacabra. He liked neither the lengthy journey by car nor, probably, the hotel as he kept crawling into the shipping box as if he wanted to go home. Billy was enjoyed in the show very much. Mr. Luigi Comorio from Italy was astonished by him and in the shoot-out he was hesitating for a long time between Billy and a big Egyptian Mau tomcat, who was a seasoned participant in competitions of this kind. Finally it was the Egyptian who was sent to the finals, as Quetzal was fussed by a gaping crowd of people at which he was hollering loudly. Mr. Comorio could not break away from Billy, and therefore he awarded him with the Honourable Judge’s Prize wrapped in the tricolour of his country. It was very nice from him, but we were sorry that we had narrowly missed the BIS finals.